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Saturday, August 5, 2017

10 a.m. Refreshments       10:30 a.m.  Program

Myth & Magic:
Symbols & Patterns in Textile Art
Spanning the Breadth of the Asian Continent


Thomas Cole
Author, Photographer, Traveler,
Independent Researcher, and Dealer
San Rafael, California

      Common themes of design are encountered in rugs and textiles from the Far East to Anatolia.  Similar myths accounting for the designs appear to be widespread, appearing in disparate cultures as the product of independent invention rather than influences and transfer of patterning from one culture to another.  The idea of independent invention was first proposed by Elizabeth Barber, laying to rest the questions regarding seemingly irreconcilable similarity in patterns.  Thomas Cole will survey and address the persistence of certain patterns in rugs and textiles across Asia.

        Thomas Cole has been contributing to HALI magazine since 1991, when he first offered a typewritten manuscript to HALI on antique Tibetan rugs from his home in Nepal.  Having lived for 16 out of 20 years in Asia at one point, he has always had what some view as a distinctly different perspective on questions of attribution, provenance, function and design origins.  He claims the perspective is the result of having lived in rug producing countries and observing life in situ rather than gained from arm chair travel adventures and reading books.   He has maintained a private gallery space in San Rafael, California and mounted exhibitions coinciding with the SF ARTS rug fair in San Francisco every autumn season followed by visually fascinating photography exhibitions during the summer season.   While no longer mounting focused exhibitions, he maintains a gallery space in which there is always something beautiful on display, exhibitions he hangs for himself while not advertising a thematic event.

Thomas invites TMA/SC members to bring examples of rugs and textiles which show symbols.

Luther Hall,  Lower Level     St. Bede’s Episcopal Church
3590 Grand View Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA  90066-1904
Just south of the 10 freeway, and west of the 405, near the intersection of Centinela and Palms. 
Free parking.

Admission:    TMA/SC Members  Gratis . . . . .  Guests  $10

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