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April 11, 2015

10 am Refreshments                 10:30 am Program

“The Living Threads Project:
Photographing Community Fashion in Oaxaca, Mexico”
A sneak preview of an historic work in progress


Eric Mindling

Independent Researcher, Photographer, Tour Organizer
and Owner of Traditions Mexico,
Ashland, Oregon

The Living Threads Project exists to document the beauty of human diversity, of our differences and idiosyncrasies. This is a visual journey into ancient, living civilizations and cultures told through beautiful portraits of deeply rooted people and their unique fashions.  Eric Mindling will give us a behind the scenes peek into the Project, talking about the textiles, field work and photography involved in this one-of-a-kind collection of images, including sharing publically for the first time many of his gorgeous portraits of the people of Southern Mexico.  The project focuses on the state of Oaxaca, a singular realm on Earth known for its astounding cultural diversity. While no larger than Indiana, Oaxaca is home to 17 indigenous languages with 177 dialects. Over a two-year period (2014-2016), Eric will capture portraits of community-unique fashion and the people who carry it one their backs in some 65 Oaxacan villages.  Eric invites TMA members to bring examples of Oaxacan textiles and costumes for show & tell.

Born in the US, Eric Mindling has spent half his life living and working in Oaxaca, deeply involved in the world of indigenous artisans.  He runs a tour company called Traditions Mexico, which is focused on traditional arts, festivals and food in Southern Mexico, and is a photographer and author dedicated to honoring the subtly wise and rooted life ways of traditional people. “Without trying, they teach us things we truly need to know, things that we forgot so long ago we don’t even know they’re gone.”   Eric invites TMA members to bring examples of Oaxacan costumes and textiles for show & tell.

Community Hall,  Lower Level     St. Bede’s Episcopal Church
3590 Grand View Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA  90066-1904

Just south of the 10 freeway, and west of the 405, near the intersection of Centinela and Palms.  Free parking.

Admission:    TMA/SC members  Gratis . . . . .  Guests  $10


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